Improved management, increased sales, decreased costs.

Via electronic collaboration with Nexxus, our clients realize more efficient and effective product category management while enjoying increased sales and decreased supply chain costs. For suppliers, our industry standard NexxHub™ online platform provides the state-of-the-art industry standard features and analysis needed to improve profitability and transparency as you manage your Scan Based Trading Business.

For suppliers, working with Nexxus means avoiding the time-consuming process of obtaining vendor numbers, setting up EDI connections, and populating store lists and price books. The ability and interest to sell products via Scan Based Trading provides willing suppliers a distinct advantage over those in traditional buy/sell arrangements. Implementation of Nexxus Scan Based Trading solutions often lead to exclusive relationships with retailers.

Data interchange

Collaborating with Nexxus for electronic data sharing just makes sense for suppliers. Eliminate paper, enhance efficiencies and avoid the time-consuming process of setting up EDI connections, auditing data, monitoring data feeds and populating store lists and price books. Reducing the delivery time of products and selling them via Scan Based Trading gives you a distinct advantage over those in traditional buy/sell arrangements.

Price book synchronization

Is your price book out of date and in disarray? Let us help. Eliminating the labor-intensive practice of manual entry in favor of fully-integrated automation improves accuracy, provides needed information and insight in a more timely fashion, and creates a cleaner process from start to finish. Transparency is enhanced when items and costs are approved before being imported.

Payment processing

We’ve changed the way retailers buy products to put on their shelves and how they pay for those products. Imagine you walk into a store and decide to purchase an item. Once the clerk scans the product and the laser hits the bar code, the Nexxus magic happens – the retailer pays us and we pay the supplier responsible for product delivery. Retailers pay only when inventory is sold.

The simple and efficient paperless process makes Nexxus responsible for coordinating with and reimbursing thousands of local suppliers who deliver products to our clients across North America.

Management of price changes and margin maintenance

Thanks to NexxHub™, adjusting prices across multiple retailers has never been easier. Our step-by-step price change request process utilizes data verification notices and error detection while providing price change work flow and status alerts. Price changes are not implemented until they have been confirmed. Our customized reporting capabilities keep you ahead of the game.

Handling vendor inquiries

As a 100% turnkey solutions provider, you can be sure that we will respond to your e-mails and will answer the phone as we work with you to craft specific solutions. Our dedicated Account Specialist team’s sole focus is to provide you with expert assistance and support. We are with you every step of the way.

Store openings, renovations and closings

Actionable real-time email notifications for suppliers that identify store openings and re-openings, construction-related closings, and gaps in delivery provide you with an excellent opportunity to add products to new or existing stores and to identify new product placement opportunities.

Shrink control

Our program addresses the issue of non-existent inventory that remains listed in accounting records. We eliminate errors resulting from inaccurate paperwork and we eliminate the need for multiple inventory management systems, thereby reducing mistakes during data transfer. Our advanced reporting capabilities are guaranteed to improve product visibility and movement.

Sales visibility

Our consolidated sales customized across time periods for multiple retailers provide you with clear product insight as well as actionable data presented by SKU, by store, and by day to support you in the decision-making process for your business. Clear and concise financial information tracks revenue for each product sold through Scan Based Trading.

Inventory visibility

Utilizing Scan Based Trading enables vendors of goods and products to maintain ownership of inventory housed within retailers’ stores or warehouses until those items are scanned at point of sale. Benefits include reduced invoice discrepancies, improved data management, tighter shrink control, enhanced supplier-retailer relationships, increased sales, lower inventory cost, shorter time to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Increase footprint with established Nexxus retailers

As part of our program we will alert you to new store openings and new client opportunities and provide an expedient online new store request process. We will provide sales opportunity reports for stores with no sales, advise you of delivery concerns, provide consolidated check reports across custom time periods, and assist with payment issue resolution.