barcode1Utilizing Scan Based Trading enables vendors of goods and products to maintain ownership of inventory housed within retailers’ stores or warehouses until those items are scanned at point of sale. Benefits of this methodology include reduced invoice discrepancies, improved data management, tighter shrink control, enhanced vendor-retailer relationships, increased sales, lower inventory cost, shorter time to market and greater customer satisfaction.

So, how does it work?

The Nexxus Group® changes the way retailers buy products to put on their shelves and how they pay for those products. Imagine you walk into a store and decide to purchase an item. Once the clerk scans the product and the laser hits the bar code, the Nexxus magic happens – the retailer pays us and we pay the vendor responsible for product delivery. Retailers pay only when inventory is sold.

The simple and efficient paperless process makes Nexxus responsible for coordinating with and reimbursing thousands of local and national vendors who deliver their products to our clients across North America.