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By Kevin Doyle
Content Editor

Wer Are Nexxus Group

It began with a single question from an embattled New England grocery retailer: “Can you help us manage our overwhelming newspaper billing issues?” Shortly thereafter a platform to convert sales from traditional invoicing to Scan Based Trading (SBT) was developed and a company was born.

Established in 2003 by co-founders Jim Rao and Rino Vitolo in response to that specific request, The Nexxus Group® has grown exponentially.  Today, under the direction of CEO Mark Landgren and President Russ Fant, the company provides its industry-best SBT services for more than 90 retail partners at more than 71,000 locations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Fant says he took a leap of faith in 2007 when he left the publications industry to join Nexxus.
“When I first heard what Nexxus was doing in the publications industry I knew that they had an idea that had the great potential to change the way retailers managed that category. It has been an incredible journey over the past 10 years.  To see where we are now, the categories and suppliers that we support and the company that we have all built together is an amazing thing.  I am very proud of the company I work for and the people I get to work with every day,” he said.

Nexxus Group Beverly Team and Charlotte team

Nexxus Group’s Beverly, MA Team and Charlotte, NC Team (lower right)

Steady Growth
With our reputation as a client-focused partner firmly established, more than 50 retailers came on board from 2005-2013.  Adding a steady list of industry leaders in the big-box, convenience store and drug store sectors helped to build Nexxus as a leader in the SBT sphere. That steady growth has continued, augmented by our enhanced services across multiple retail categories.

We now work with the Number One market leaders in grocery, mass merchant, drug, convenience, discount and coffee channels as well as national CPG suppliers. In addition to retailers, the company supports more than 6,000 distributors and manufacturing partners in categories such as Bakery, Dairy, Propane, Flowers, Books, Snacks, Novelties, Magazines, Books and Newspapers.

What We Do
The Nexxus Group has changed the way retailers buy products to stock their shelves and how they pay for that inventory. Once a customer decides on a purchase and the store clerk scans the product, the Nexxus magic happens when the laser hits the bar code. In short, the retailer pays Nexxus and we pay the vendor responsible for product delivery – a seamless process.

Nexxus is responsible for coordinating with and reimbursing thousands of global, national and local vendors who deliver their products to our clients across North America. Amon SBT’s many benefits are reduced invoice discrepancies, improved data management, tighter shrink control and lowered inventory cost.

The NexxHub™ Advantage

Our NexxHub™ online platform, introduced in 2016, further enhances our industry best SBT services and provides you with state-of-the-art features and analysis to manage your SBT business such as:

  • Automated operation reports that provide key metrics for the day-to-day operations of an SBT business
  • Clear and concise financial information that tracks the revenue for each product sold through SBT
  • Actionable daily sales data, presented by SKU, by store, and by day to support effective business decisions
  • Access to analytics and business intelligence to create actionable information from the data

The new NexxHub user interface makes it easy to manage multiple price changes across networks of retailers. And the introduction of consolidated sales reports, sorted across customized time periods for multiple retailers, is also a proven time-saver for our SBT suppliers.

Placing more product and getting access to more stores are all part of the new NexxHub platform. It’s easy to add products to existing stores, as well as locate new product placement opportunities. The NexxHub platform also delivers real-time actionable email notifications for store openings and re-openings, construction closings, and delivery gaps – all features designed to help grow and manage SBT businesses.

 “NexxHub is a giant leap toward improving profitability and transparency of the management of SBT programs. NexxHub simplifies access to the critical information vendors and retailers need to improve their business’ profitability,” says Chief Information Officer John Lara.

While technology is central to NexxHub platform, we have assembled a top-notch Operations team and expert Account Specialists whose goal is to provide you with specialized assistance and support every step of the way.

Looking Ahead
As online retailing continues to apply pressure to the retail sector, SBT will continue to evolve and grow and Nexxus will be a vital part of the equation.

About The Nexxus Group®
Established in 2003, The Nexxus Group provides the industry’s leading full-service Scan Based Trading (SBT) suite and is a trusted business solutions and services partner at more than 71,000 locations for more than 90 retailers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We deliver innovative, cost effective SBT solutions for the Number One market leaders in grocery, mass merchant, drug, convenience, discount, airport and coffee as well as national CPG suppliers. We support retailers and more than 6,000 distributors and manufacturing partners in categories such as bakery, dairy, propane, flowers, snacks, novelties, magazines, books and newspapers.

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