How Nexxus Group® Overcomes Challenges and Protects Suppliers with iSBT

Nexxus Group offers suppliers all of the benefits of scan-based trading without any of the perceived headaches.

Scan-based trading (SBT) has traditionally appeared more attractive to retailers than to suppliers, at least at first glance — despite increased sales, faster merchandising time, increased store penetration, and other meaningful benefits. The changes required by the shift to SBT has caused some suppliers to hesitate in making this transition. Fortunately, suppliers who engage iSBT services from the Nexxus Group can rest assured that we offer numerous protections against these potential pain points, giving them all the benefits of scan-based trading without any of the perceived headaches. Take a look at how our sophisticated systems and approach to customer care eliminates our suppliers’ concerns.

  • Perceived challenge: The supplier assumes responsibility for shrinkage and current inventory buy-backs. Nexxus can assist with the industry common shared / capped shrink programs. Additionally Nexxus partners with resources that are able to assist with financing inventory buy-back programs.
  • Perceived challenge: The supplier must adjust its accounting processes to accommodate SBT. Nexxus Group works with supplier accounting teams to provide sales data in their preferred format, enabling your accounting team to create internal invoices for ingestion into their accounting systems. This enables the supplier’s accounting team to effortlessly switch from buy / sale “invoice on delivery” to invoice on daily / weekly scan sales.
  • Perceived challenge: The supplier must involve (and pay) an SBT provider. Nexxus is much more than just an SBT provider; we offer our expertise as a valued partner in the distribution chain. By streamlining and simplifying so many of the functions you would normally have to handle yourself, we can boost your efficiency in ways that spell substantial savings — savings that more than compensate for the minimal fee involved.
  • Perceived challenge: The pay-after sale model and reliance on POS data might delay payments or impair payment accuracy. Actually, you may find that your payments arrive more quickly than ever with iSBT services (aided by retailer support). As for accuracy, the Nexxus Group’s automated quality checks and exception reports subjects the sales data to continuous monitoring and reporting, while our price book synchronization minimizes data discrepancies even further.
  • Perceived challenge: Adoption of EDI files and the need to connect with the retailers’ IT teams could complicate matters for suppliers. Smaller vendors who can’t handle and analyze EDI data directly will love our reporting capabilities. Our detailed reports turn that information into easy-to-read, easy-to-use everyday language. Establishing connections with retailer IT teams is also a snap for suppliers who use iSBT, since Nexxus Group handles setup and launch for suppliers.

Suppliers may find themselves asking one other key question: “Why do I need the Nexxus Group to handle my SBT needs?” We believe that our tremendous SBT knowledge and experience helps both suppliers and retailers enjoy fast process adoption, transparent data exchange, and impartial auditing to resolve differences. Discover the Nexxus difference for yourself by contacting us today.