Critical Innovations in Retail: Contactless Delivery

contactless delivery
Contactless delivery has a great deal to offer personnel both during a pandemic, and in all seasons and situations.

Many shoppers have grown accustomed to the concept of contactless delivery during this time of COVID-19. From the Amazon package left at the door, to the restaurant meal pre-ordered and brought to the car window, contactless transactions have helped many businesses stay solvent (and consumers stay sane) through months of lockdowns and social distancing. However, contactless delivery also has a great deal to offer for supplier drivers and retail store personnel — not only during a pandemic, but in all seasons and situations.


Delivery drivers face numerous problems from the many points of contact they might have to make in the course of a shift. Supplier drivers traditionally have to go through distribution centers before making their way to retail stores, where they talk to managers and trade paperwork with personnel. These efforts not only expose drivers and retail workers to potential transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases; they also add to the amount of time and effort necessary to get the job done. If you’re worried about any or all of these issues, here are some major benefits of switching to a contactless delivery system.


Easier Anytime Delivery: The traditional process for delivering stock to a retailer required supplier drivers to wait in a queue as individual deliveries were processed through personal interactions with store personnel. By contrast, contactless delivery makes it possible for drivers to conduct their business without any waiting — the equivalent of going straight to the front of the line. They can also make their deliveries any time of day instead of only delivering during store or warehouse hours.


No Lists, Invoices, or Signatures Needed: The need to fumble around with produce invoices, and collect signatures on documents not only places people into close contact and forces them to handle the same objects — it also makes deliveries take that much longer while upping the odds of lost, mismatched, or inaccurate data. But when you have a contactless delivery system, you also have a paperless one. Any necessary information can simply be exchanged via the contactless technology of choice.


No Manager-Driver Interaction: The elimination of invoices, and signatures also means that the retail store manager never needs to interact with the supplier driver. In fact, these two professionals can do their jobs effectively without even speaking to each other (or communicating through any intermediaries).


  • Contactless delivery therefore reduces the risk of disease transmission, enhances security, and improves speed and efficiency on both sides of the transaction.



You can make your company’s contactless delivery system even safer, more secure, and more efficient by also making use of scan-based trading. State-of-the-art SBT solutions from the Nexxus Group can help retailers reduce the number of items passing through the supply chain, reducing inventory costs. Suppliers can also benefit by enjoying greater control over their stock and faster time to market. Contact us to learn more.