5 Ways Suppliers Benefit From iSBT

Scan-based trading (SBT) has received a lot of positive press for its benefits to retailers, and rightly so. It’s easy to see why the precise inventory control provided by this technology helps retailers right-size their stock and fine-tune their relationships with suppliers. However, it is important to emphasize that without proper management, the benefits of … Read more

Four Ways iSBT Reduces Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage represents a serious, ongoing problem for retail operations in just about every industry vertical, adding up to tens of billions in losses per year. This unwanted reduction in inventory can occur for all sorts of reasons, many of which may go completely undetected without the proper mechanisms in place to find and fix … Read more

How Nexxus Group® Overcomes Challenges and Protects Suppliers with iSBT

Scan-based trading (SBT) has traditionally appeared more attractive to retailers than to suppliers, at least at first glance — despite increased sales, faster merchandising time, increased store penetration, and other meaningful benefits. The changes required by the shift to SBT has caused some suppliers to hesitate in making this transition. Fortunately, suppliers who engage iSBT … Read more

The True Cost of an Invoice… and How iSBT by Nexxus Group Can Help

Perhaps astonishingly in this age of digital automation, approximately 90 percent of all company invoices are still processed by hand. This antiquated approach can dramatically boost the direct and indirect costs associated with each and every invoice and credit memo sent, especially when costly errors and inconsistencies undermine the process. Many suppliers and retailers either … Read more

Beyond Best Practices to Next Practices: What is iSBT?

Scan-based trading (SBT) has proven increasingly popular since the earliest proof-of-concept tests in the mid 1990’s. However, traditional scan-based trading has long had room for improvement. Nexxus Group’s iSBT platform raises SBT to a new level of innovation, intelligence, and efficiency. Take a look at some of the key factors that make iSBT stand apart … Read more

Scan-Based Trading: The Key to a Retail Revival?

Retail sales have taken a beating this year, with March’s record decline of 8.7 percent followed by the April showers of another record-breaking 16.4 percent drop. The retail industry will clearly need more than just a coronavirus vaccine before it can enjoy the full-scale resurgence it desperately needs. Both suppliers and retailers need to take … Read more

Critical Innovations in Retail: Contactless Delivery

Many shoppers have grown accustomed to the concept of contactless delivery during this time of COVID-19. From the Amazon package left at the door, to the restaurant meal pre-ordered and brought to the car window, contactless transactions have helped many businesses stay solvent (and consumers stay sane) through months of lockdowns and social distancing. However, … Read more

4 Big Lessons from COVID-19: How Key Retailers Have Responded and Adapted

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many aspects of everyday life and business into chaos, including the retail world. Along with these challenges, however, key retailers have also gained valuable insight into potential weaknesses in their current procedures, forcing them to respond and adapt in ways which may ultimately yield major benefits for them even after … Read more

At the top of their games:

Nexxus Group clients pile up industry accolades By Kevin Doyle Group Content Editor Our client-partners are very good at what they do – and many of them have earned some serious industry props in the past several months. Sheetz, the innovative and forward-thinking chain headquartered in Altoona, PA now in its 65th year of operation, … Read more

We Are The Nexxus Group

Providing state-of-the-art solutions to streamline your operations By Kevin Doyle Content Editor It began with a single question from an embattled New England grocery retailer: “Can you help us manage our overwhelming newspaper billing issues?” Shortly thereafter a platform to convert sales from traditional invoicing to Scan Based Trading (SBT) was developed and a company … Read more

The Nexxus Group partners with The United Way in charitable initiatives

Early in 2017, The Nexxus Group® became part of The United Way team in support of its charitable initiatives. On Friday, May 12 two groups of Nexxus volunteers joined together with Pathways for Children and the United Way for a day of sprucing up the grounds and facilities at the Pathways sites in Beverly and … Read more