Jim Rao

Jim Rao, Chairman, The Nexxus Group

I was raised and educated in Everett, MA and started my career on a Frito-Lay route truck in the late 1970s. During my 15 years with Frito-Lay, I held progressively responsible sales and operational positions, ranging from District Sales Manager overseeing a 14-person sales team and culminating as a Division Sales Manager with responsibility for more than 200 employees throughout New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

I live for all people, family and friends. My business ideas for success are very simple, in line with the old expression: “Treat your business partners and business family the way you want your family and friends to be treated.” I believe steadfastly that each company employee must feel the passion to provide premier customer service within their heart.

Providing that customer service and avoiding “amnesia” separates a company from its competitors. I believe many people forget about who helped them get to where they are and who was there when they were most needed. In business, companies often forget which retailers or vendor partners were there at the beginning, when the future is often quite dicey.

“You can never forget who assisted you along the way, and must continue to improve upon servicing those partners at the highest level throughout your partnership together. Without your existing customer base and new business partners, you have nothing… without partners, you do not eat.”

I created the phrase “ON-IT” that is used throughout the Nexxus family to acknowledge to colleagues and partners alike that every request from a retailer or vendor partner receives an “ON-IT” response right away. I believe that nothing is more demoralizing for a customer than to not get a response to a request and be left without any answer.

I believe all people are imperfect and have mentioned many times that I am the most imperfect person on the planet. This leads to my theory that imperfection yields perfection. Take a group of talented but imperfect individuals and you will have a company of integrity committed to delivering for its partners at the highest level day in and day out.

I was married for 27 years to my angel wife Linda, who regrettably passed away in 2005. I have two children and one grandson. “Linda was and is an inspiration to our company’s success and she will live on forever. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Nexxus the past ten years and look forward to working with all of you in the days and months ahead. May God bless each and everyone one of you with health and happiness.”

My Best,